TAASMAN April 15, 2014 at 03:46 pm
Let me tell you about obamacare. I just paid my 4,875 of the new ridiculous Net Investment Tax,Read More which is for all the no goods out there who won't get off their butts and work. So I get to pay for their Insurance. It is a disgrace that people who work their whole life and invest in America, then have to pay to keep people voting for the man. It should be a law that if you are collecting welfare, unemployment, etc... you should have to work for the government cleaning up highways, cutting lawns, doing something to earn that pay. I was taught to fight for myself and have paid for everything on my own. Now today, I got to pay the Man so his followers can sit at home and have healthcare.
Puppet shows in the hot July sun.
Hugh Jass April 14, 2014 at 08:07 am
Mr. Doroshewitz, Thank you for attempting to bring these issues to the attention of those whom youRead More represent. Please continue with your one man crusade to show transparency in Township government and analyze both short and long term costs associated with undertakings of this administration. You have earned respect for these efforts.
tweb3161 April 15, 2014 at 09:54 am
Well now we know their plan. Something for their legacy after they are gone. They really want toRead More be known for the junk they left in the park? Are they so dumb that they think this will work? Do they really hate the City that much? Just spend our money and hope for the best. I don't know how to stop this madness, but if I could I would. Any suggestions?
Paul Schulz April 15, 2014 at 11:03 am
Its great to hear Mr. Doroshewitz speaking out against the leadership in Plymouth Township and thereRead More reckless spending and poorly thought developments. As a former candidate for the board of trustees I just wish you would have recognized this while campaigning during the last election. You could have spoke out then and changed the election. That could have led to a new Supervisor and Treasurer, and we could have possibly retained our experienced clerk. Instead you campaigned along side the incumbents and supported an inexperienced clerk. For years you were lock step with the boards majority. But better late than never. In the future please consider listening more clearly and thinking about the concerns of your constituents that attend board meetings that have voiced there concerns for years upon deaf ears. This is not to be taken as criticism, but merely my recognition of your newly found voice in speaking out and informing our taxpayers of the incompetence running our Township. As an elected official with better knowledge of dealings taking place within our community, please continue to keep us informed.
Joseph Borrajo April 13, 2014 at 02:20 pm
Prison's for PROFIt incarcerates people who have no business being in prison. All driven by greedRead More and the bottom line. Not my idea of an enlightened nation. P3
Mares Hirchert April 13, 2014 at 04:01 pm
Thank you for this fact based, thoughtful article on prisons. I'm sharing it. We need to educateRead More our communities. Here in Livingston Cty there is discussion of a new jail to hold more prisoners because of overcrowding. I wish there was a discussion of finding alternate justice for drug offenders.
Mr. Ken Crider with his wife Penny
Bryan Bentley (Editor) April 12, 2014 at 08:24 pm
Mr. Stroup, I have yet to hear you deal directly with the issue that made you, and Mr. Mitchell soRead More angry. The four pensions. Let's stick to the original question that Ken Crider asked: Can a Candidate claim to be a pro business, pro small government watchdog for the citizens when they have never worked in the private sector and that person and their spouse have 4 tax payer funded pensions? As a former leader of "some sort of Wayne 11 Republican group", are you denying that the Cox family enjoys the benefits of these taxpayer paid pensions? If not, why are you denouncing Mr. Crider for pointing out the facts? Does he not have the right to point out the differences between him and his primary opponent? I simply do not understand why the Cox campaign would try to throw a guy, a good Republican, under the bus, when they are the clear favorite in this primary, especially when it appears that he is exactly correct in his assertion. As I said in my opinion piece, a simple apology would have ended this nonsense, but now you have piqued my interest enough to actually dig deeper into this whole pension thing, and do a follow up on this suddenly interesting story. Maybe I can get some answers from the Cox campaign. Feel free to keep commenting though... LOL
Paul Schulz April 13, 2014 at 04:10 am
A wake up call for the 11th Congressional district: Over the past year I have been asked to run forRead More the 11th Congressional district by several very wealthy lifelong republican individuals who own prominent companies throughout America. They are very upset with the party. They have explained to me in detail how the republican party along with the democrat party is selling this country out, with little or no opposition. During an evening out with family and friends in Scottsdale, I struck up a conversation with these gentlemen, who also have an interest in several companies throughout Michigan. What are the chances?That is when I learned about Dave Trott running for Congress in the 11th, and there disappointment with Bentivolio. They informed me of Mr. Trott's dealings with JP Morgan, and wall street bankers, and that he was an attorney preying upon foreclosing homeowners, even the elderly, and our military vets... They already had there eyes on this candidate, which surprised me. I in casual conversation mentioned the thought of running, and representing my country as an ordinary "Joe". I had never met these men before, and shared with them my beliefs, of borders, language , and American culture. How I had seen manufacturing, tool and die shops, and its suppliers being destroyed throughout Michigan by unfair trade, and given tax breaks to ship those jobs out of this country. I shared with both of them my concerns, and the devastation it has caused our local economy. How this global view simply has made the United States the dumping ground of the world. Before they left that evening one of them pulled me aside and gave me his card. I couldn't believe who I had just shared a wonderful evening with. These guys were billionaires, at of all places an old honky tonk in the desert. After returning home to Michigan, I did my researched on Trott and found that what I was informed of was in deed true. Since then we have become good friends, and I look forward to visiting several of there facilities, that provide living wage jobs, health insurance and a retirement package for there employees. Like they stated to me, "if it were not for our dedicated, hard working employees we could have never created the successful companies we have today". I can only imagine the PAC ads they are going to run against Trott. They have encouraged me to get on the ballot and offered there support. I am pulling the petitions as a republican but if the 11th stands in my way, I run Independent... Its time the middle class have a voice to represent them. I can see the ads now, it will be brutal...
Hugh Jass April 13, 2014 at 08:56 pm
Mr. Stroup, Please stop with the condescending "allow me to correct you". I merelyRead More commented that you denied being in a position of "leadership" when your Linkedin page states something entirely different. So quit the doublespeak technicality. As far as me getting off the subject matter at hand, please introduce yourself to the kettle. You still have failed to respond to Mr. Bentley's questions. I reserve future FACTS for whenever you, Mr.Mitchell and/or Ms. Cox decide to make a public statement.
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