Graduation Day for Some

Graduation day is coming up for many of our Metro Detroit neighbors; a time to not only celebrate one's scholarly achievements, but also our life accomplishments. For other of our neighbors, reaching their goals, and their full potential, is a bit more complicated - but they can do it with your help.

Marie - http://www.benevolent.net/n/609- currently attends Henry Ford Community College where she is working towards obtaining an associate’s degree so she can work in the medical field. As a mom and student, Marie is on a fixed income. She needs a laptop computer to access assignments from home.

Lyn - http://www.benevolent.net/n/596 - was once homeless but within the past year has made a complete turnaround and recently graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. To help students get started, Lyn’s school is selling students discounted laptops with graphic design software already installed. If Lyn obtains a laptop she can accept one of many job offers that have come her way.

Nikia - http://www.benevolent.net/n/663 - works at a local charter school as a lunch room aid and is also attending Wayne County Community College. She hopes to one day start her own cleaning business, but needs to get through school first. A laptop would help her access assignments when she is not on campus and not working. 

As graduating students move their tassels from one side of their caps to the other, it is an indication that they are transitioning into a new chapter in life. You have the power to help Marie, Lyn and Nikia.

Click the links by their names and find out how you can help put them on the path to independence, self-sufficiency, and achievement.


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