Where is the respect?

I try not to let things "bother me" too much, actually am a "lover rather than a fighter", at least maybe that just what I think, but I love my town.  I absolutely love Northville.  I have been in other towns before, actually grew up in a rather small town north of Chicago. The movie, "Groundhog Day" was produced in my hometown.  However, it doesn't compare to Northville.  Think of everything we have to offer, and yes, there is ALWAYS room for improvements and additional venues to create, but we have the best family town one could ask for.  So, now when I look around the town, how well it is kept up, how the streets in town were probably kept up the best out of all the streets in Northville, then there's CVS.  I am the first to say, I was thrilled to see CVS arrive in our town.  The children can now ride their bikes somewhere to pick up an item, get things that they need. However, have you looked on the ground in front of the building? I was stuck in traffic yesterday and noticed one of their workers smoking outside in the front.  She was talking to a man changing the garbage bag.  She proceeded to flick her cigarette onto the snow covered curb and went back inside.  At first I was a bit shocked, then I looked down and saw all of the cigarette butts all of the ground. I decided I was going to say something to the man and told him she really is not making the best choice and that the garbage can is right there, where you are changing the bag, probably with an ash tray located on the top! I guess things do "bother me" more than I want, but I love my town.
jdietrich0368 March 15, 2014 at 09:11 AM
I meant to leave this in the "speak out" section....


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