Should Wing, Main Streets Intersection be a 4-Way Stop?

That's what a traffic engineer will review after a request from the City of Northville.

The intersection of Wing and Main streets in downtown Northville confuses motorists. Credit: Aysha Jamali
The intersection of Wing and Main streets in downtown Northville confuses motorists. Credit: Aysha Jamali
A Northville Patch reader posted to the Boards last month about the dangers of the Main and Wing streets intersection in downtown Northville after seeing a near-accident.

That sparked a discussion on whether the city should make the intersection — where drivers on Main Street have the right-of-way — a four-way stop.

Drivers on Wing and Main streets often already treat it as a four-way stop, which causes confusion. Although it is prohibited and police regularly issue tickets, Police Chief Gary Goss said vehicles limit visibility when people park too close to the corners. Residents addressed the Northville city council earlier this month with a petition asking that something be done to fix the intersection. 

Now, the first step in finding that solution is under way.

Northville City Manager Pat Sullivan said the general consensus is that changing the intersection to a four-way stop would improve safety rather than adding a light or sign indicating that Main Street traffic does not stop.

"This is a safety decision that we're making," he said. "We think it meets those standards."

However, he said, a traffic engineer will be better at determining the best solution by looking at criteria like the number of cars that drive through, speed and pedestrian traffic. The traffic engineer will look at whether the intersection would need a flashing four-way light or stop signs, and where the signs should be placed.

Sullivan said he expects a recommendation from the traffic engineer in January.

Read more: A survey last year determined the intersection did not meet criteria for a four-way stop.

What has been your experience with the intersection? Post a comment below.

Joe1265 December 13, 2013 at 08:35 AM
Yes. Even bigger is just the general speed drivers carry through the downtown. That's the danger. The problem at Wing and Main is that people driving east bound on Main are FLYING.
johnj December 13, 2013 at 08:42 AM
I live 4 houses away and drive this intersection minimum 2x day. Thank you city for seeing the light! This was a mess (and unsafe) especially during busy times... DTN is a much more vibrant town now and this was needed.
Chuck Gelletly December 13, 2013 at 09:01 AM
I made a comment weeks ago about witnessing a near-accident, and am glad that this intersection is being reviewed. The best way to experience it is to cross Main Street either northbound or southbound at several times of day, particularly busy times. Even with no cars parked illegally on Main Street, it is difficult to get a view of westbound traffic. It seems that many drivers, once they go through the traffic light westbound, feel they are already out of town and speed up. This is still a pedestrian-type shopping area. The stop signs west and east bound will just keep speeds down to a save level for this busy area, and will NOT cause any traffic backups as some alluded to. Thanks to our mayor and city council for looking into this!
Carol Maynard December 13, 2013 at 09:26 AM
Please don't over analyze the situation (Paralysis of Analysis)... This is simple. Just make it a Four way stop. It should have been a four way stop from the beginning. The only other option is to put up a flashing Red light in both directions.
Denise Nash December 13, 2013 at 04:02 PM
When they're done with Main/Wing, they can move down the street to Main/Rogers. Lots of problems at that intersection.


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