Who's Teaching in Northville Public Schools?

A Bridge Magazine database compares teacher salaries, education and other district information across the state.

A Bridge Magazine database shows how Northville teachers measure up against those throughout Michigan. Photo credit: Patch file photo
A Bridge Magazine database shows how Northville teachers measure up against those throughout Michigan. Photo credit: Patch file photo
A database published in Center for Michigan's Bridge Magazine shows how schools in Northville compare with state-wide averages when it comes to teacher education, salary, pupil-teacher ratios and other categories. 

The database is part of the magazine's "Building a better teacher" series, which includes articles on teaching in Canada and the state's teacher education and certification process. 

Here are some of the numbers for schools within Northville:

Average Teacher Salary
Northville: $72,515
Novi: $76,043
Farmington: $76,621
Plymouth-Canton: $66,688
Michigan: $62,613

Pupil-Teacher Ratio
Northville: 26
Novi: 21
Farmington: 22
Plymouth-Canton: 24
Michigan: 23

Teacher Head Count
Northville: 465
Novi: 416
Farmington: 825
Plymouth-Canton: 1,078
Michigan: 101,697

Percent with advanced degree/certification
Northville: 82 percent
Novi: 79 percent
Farmington: 84 percent
Plymouth-Canton: 84 percent
Michigan: 62 percent

View the entire report on bridgemi.com and tell us what you think by posting a comment. 
Scott Craig September 27, 2013 at 10:43 AM
As a Northville school board trustee I am very proud of our highly qualified teachers. They do a great job with our students. I am, however, concerned about our teacher pupil student ratio at 26. Our class size is too high, especially at the secondary level. We've been working on this and have hired a number of teachers this year for the purpose of lowering class size Our main obstacle is the funding policies of the Governor and the legislature. They cut our district funding by 8% in 2011. We were forced to lay off over 50 teachers and raise class size. The state has still not replaced most of this lost funding. School funding is being diverted to community colleges and to pay for $1 billion in tax cuts for businesses. These policies cheat our students
Aysha Jamali (Editor) September 27, 2013 at 11:03 AM
I was surprised to see that Northville's pupil-teacher ratio was higher than neighboring districts and the state average. Thank you for the explanation as to why that is the case.
Tamara September 27, 2013 at 02:32 PM
Did the other school districts that have lower pupil/teacher ratios not have the same budget cuts from the state government? If no - then why. If yes - then I am still not happy that neighboring Novi is at 21 and we are at 26. Also, if my children had 26 kids or less per class - I would be happy. The class sizes are often times much bigger. Not sure where this 26 number is coming from...and doubt it's accuracy or usefulness.
Denise Nash September 28, 2013 at 12:52 AM
Tamara: Everyone had the same cuts from government, but every district has a different contract with their employees. I'm not happy about our Teacher/student ratio either. I am assuming the number is a simple: # students / # teachers. What is horrible is the fact that in many districts, the for-profit charter schools are taking kids out of the public school system. One way that Finland made it to the top is that everyone goes to public schools in Finland, there are very few private schools.
Scott Craig September 28, 2013 at 08:08 AM
To Tamara, You have to look at the total dollars each district has per pupil. Northville currently receives about $8,000 per student. In Birmingham, where I teach, they receive over $11,800. Thus, Birmingham has a lower class size advantage plus higher salaries and quite a few more administrators. These inequities are permanently enshrined in our constitution by the the 1994 Proposal A. At the core of Prop A is a provision that allowed elite district to tax property owners at a higher rate and keep the extra money for their local schools. Northville is not allowed to do this. We need a constitutional revision initiated by the state government to equalize the situation.
Tamara September 28, 2013 at 12:31 PM
Monopolies never work. Government control never works. There MUST be options. What if you don't agree with what the schools are teaching your kids? Parents MUST have freedom to choose.
Tamara September 28, 2013 at 12:43 PM
Scott - Thank you - I have heard this before - and wonder again - why can't Northville do it? Why do we let governments take our money and give it away? I guess if you have a ton of money to throw around - it may be no big deal to you. But - if you are stretching every penny to live in a high performing school district for your children - then it usually matters - big time. Would it be kind of the same thing to consider our bond proposals as taxing the locals and keeping it in the district? If so, do we have the right to reduce our property taxes for schools (which gets taken away from us), and to just do bonds (which we clearly, by the amazing technology just added to our schools, get to keep and use)? I mean - we clearly needed that money as our technology was terrible - but relying on the state government to let us keep our money so our schools are adequately supplied (and staffed) appears impossible. I say staffed because my high schooler has class sizes that are way too high. Thank God my kids can manage on their own - but what about the kids that can't? Off to private schools they go - at the BIG expense of their parents. Not fair to them to have to pay $10 grand, or whatever, to get appropriate attention to get the education they need.
Tamara September 28, 2013 at 12:44 PM
Thank you Aysha for the useful article, by the way. Love the pic!
Denise Nash September 28, 2013 at 05:01 PM
@Tamara - 1. Social Security. 2. Medicare. Both those institutions are government run, and work wonderfully. The public schools here in Northville are another example. What is wrong with government? It's a heck of a lot better than having CEOs collect a big fat paycheck while starving the teachers and support staff, like they have in charter schools. They have a much much higher turnover rate at charters because of it, and the outsourcing of everything under the sun is what has nearly eliminated the middle class! Bonds pay for schools and computers, Capital Asset type things. Millage pays for teachers. That's how it works. If I remember the prop A thing correctly, some but not a lot of our money paid in taxes is captured for poorer school districts. I thought that Birmingham had quite a bit of their money captured for that purpose?
Tamara September 28, 2013 at 05:59 PM
Your understanding of Soc Sec and Medicare is not the same as that of many other people - and more importantly the numbers just don't back you up, unfortunately. Any public school that does extremely well, like Northville, does so because of the parents and families that back it up. Most parents in poor performing areas are not involved and they do not support their kids, the teachers, the classroom or the district. That is why they end up performing poorly. The government does not have anything to do with it - otherwise all schools would be equal in performance. What DOES happen with our tax dollars that the government takes and gives to poor areas is that it is embezzled and managed so poorly the kids never benefit anyway - so I say leave it where it comes from. If this were not true - then all the money flooding into the schools would have all schools performing well. It is not the case. My son tutored a child from an extremely low performing public school. We could NOT believe the stories we were told in terms of what was happening in those schools. Do you know what will kill the ability for parents to influence their children's education via the local district? Enter Common Core. A federal curriculum is the fastest way to take away freedom and liberty and strong local schools. Big government, over regulating businesses, and unions are big reasons American companies end up outsourcing - in order to remain competitive. I don't like outsourcing either - in fact - I hate it - but can see why they do it. If you are not making money in business - you cannot remain open and you cannot employ people who in turn can provide a home and food for their families. This is an area in which the government needs to make vast improvements. What the government hasn't already killed in small businesses, obamacare will just about finish off. There is just only so much to give. If people choose to work for private schools, etc. - I am sure they have a reason for it - and like everything else - weigh the benefits and the costs of doing so. I don't know any CEO's that work for schools, but for the people that I do know that head up schools - the only ones making the big buck are heading up public schools. I also think a lot of these people working very hard for their money... Capitalism can do that - help people make a better way for their lives and that of their family by working hard. That is why people come from all over the world to live here. At this rate, however, once the government turns us into Iraq or China, there will be no great place for people to go anymore. How sad...
Denise Nash September 29, 2013 at 02:34 AM
All I will say is that my parents were very happy to have social security and medicare...and so are millions of others. They are very well-managed programs. Medicare costs much less than any of the other healthcare alternatives - it eliminates the insurance company middle men. You say the numbers don't back me up? http://www.ssa.gov/pressoffice/acsinwrl.html Looks to me like the numbers don't back YOU up, unfortunately. https://www.extendhealth.com/about/press-center/medicare-anniversary-satisfaction-with-coverage There really is no point in discussing your other points. I can see you are echoing Fox News. Charter schools are owned by private businesses....therefore, they have CEOs... http://dianeravitch.net/2012/07/28/charter-school-leader-paid-553000-yearly/?blogsub=confirming#subscribe-blog Remember, every child that "chooses" a charter school is less money supporting our public schools. Less money = fewer teachers = higher class sizes. Everyone I've ever met "works hard" at something, if you listen to them. Funny you say the government wants us to be Iraq or China, and I do agree with this. The "small government" people (tea party, mostly) seem to want us to be divided between the haves and have nots - with nothing in between. The middle class is why people come here from other countries. It's disappearing quickly, and one reason is the elimination of unions. Yes, they do want us to be like India - no public services, uneducated masses of people, no universal health care...it's exactly what they want. Glad we can agree on something.
Tamara October 08, 2013 at 10:26 AM
Yes - Social Security and Medicare have served a lot of people for a long time. But, the government has mismanaged it -see 10/7/13 article from the Senate. It tells us when the money will run out and about fraud in the system that went on due to poor government oversight: http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/budget/326985-senate-report-finds-disability-benefits-fraud Hey - I don't want this stuff to happen - I am just putting out there what is happening. I am not simply repeating anybody - I have my own well researched insight. We have different World Views. The Tea Party simply wants the government to stop spending money we don't have and they want the government to stop taking away the freedoms that we have attained on the backs of many people. I am not sure what that has to do with wanting some things for some people and not all people... I do know it has everything to do with allowing all people the opportunity to make a great life for themselves if they work hard. That is what America is all about and is why so many people come here and so many others want to come here. Soon it will be about what America "was" at the rate the current administration is going. But, we all knew that up front - CHANGE is what he wanted...and that is exactly what we are getting. He has been very successful and taking away what has made this country great bit by bit. I know he wants to "level the playing field" in the world so America is not that great place anymore. I hope all the people that back him up know what the world will be like when that shining light on the hill is gone. Picture yourself with no freedom and under communist control. Picture the world with no place to go to escape terrible situations.
Denise Nash October 10, 2013 at 01:13 AM
@Tamara - SS Disability - oh yes, big piece on it for 60 Minutes. All you need for fraud in any program, is an insider (fed judge on the take) and outsider (crooked lawyer) in cahoots, and people SO WORRIED about government that they cut money that usually goes towards fraud prevention. That last part? The most important. What do you think happens when we cut government? When money gets cut from child protective services, we get more child abuse...why? Because there are fewer people doing the real work. That's how it works - don't tell me you're surprised by that? Social Security disability is NOT the same as social security! ?? What type of freedoms are being taken away from us? The freedom to not pay for personal health related issues? This is what I don't understand. What freedom are we losing that the Tea Party is helping us regain? I don't see anything here... Let's face it, its getting harder all the time to even become part of the middle class. A lot of that has to do with union busting. Unions created the middle class, and without unions, fewer and fewer people make a living wage. If you trust people running corporations to do the right thing, your trust is misplaced. What in the world are you talking about? I have to tell you, I have no clue what freedoms we are lacking that we used to have!? Please enlighten me. Our president is the furthest right wing democrat ever to hold office, and I personally would much rather have someone more to the left. To me, people come in second in this country to corporations, and it should be the opposite. You are drinking the Fox News Koolaid if you think we are coming close to communism. <sigh>. We are living in a society right now where corporations have bought our government - a plutocracy. That's okay with you, though, because they have your best interests at heart. LOL!
Tamara October 10, 2013 at 12:12 PM
The work for children needs to be done WAY at the front end - that is a huge world view difference - and too much to go into here. Your attempt to go from SS failures discussion to child abuse is hilarious by the way. What freedoms are being taken away? Oh my Lord - if you have to ask that - you are communist or not paying ANY attention at all. Religious freedom is being completely trampled on to start with - in obamacare to begin with. Again, too much there to write here but if you stop drinking the liberal media Koolaid - and actually research this stuff you will see obama's administration is going down the list and working to kill each freedom one by one. If it weren't for the Tea Party - they would all already be gone. This is thanks to obamas 120 Communist back-up singers in congress. This is well documented in many books, etc. - so if you want to sigh about it - you are either clueless or one of them. Decrease in middle class has to do with Obama and government killing small business. If they are over-regulated and over-taxed - the cannot make a profit and employ people. Unions used to be a great thing, but that time has long passed. They are run by the Commies an they run the Dem party and if it is left up to them we will be owned by China in no time. I don't trust corporations to do the right thing - I am not sure were that comment came from - what I count on them to do is to run businesses and make profits so people can have jobs and feed their families. Providing opportunity for economic prosperity is very different than trusting to do the right thing. We agree on one thing - people should come first. Our difference appears to be in that I believe our government should be for the people - not for power and control of the people. People that want that should go to any other country where that already exists instead of bringing down the best country in the world. Once our light gets snubbed out - where will people go that seek liberty and freedom? I think there are a lot of people in this country that need to live in a 3rd world country for a short time so they can learn to appreciate what we have here and what they are trying to destroy. Obama is not a right wing Dem - he is a Communist that is doing exactly what he said he would - fundamentally changing our country. Don't be surprised if I stop writing at some point because they are now watching what we put on-line (please don't tell me you are in the dark on this) and are coming after us. Or maybe it will just be an audit by the IRS. This is why they want to take away our gun freedoms too - so we can't put up a fight. You and others need to wake up and if you are awake and like what is going on - then move to China and get a head start on your dream life. You can stop bringing up Fox News as an excuse because I get all my info by my own research - I don't watch it. If I were to watch the news though - Fox would be it because they report the closest thing to reality. If you are going to write back then please only do so if you are going to stop twisting what I write and adding your own soundtrack and calling it mine. I am only into truth and do not have time for left wing tactics to confuse the discussion (confusion is a tool of the devil mind you).
Denise Nash October 10, 2013 at 06:39 PM
I agree that more needs to be done for at-risk kids. No doubt about it. re: Child abuse - Just trying to point out what happens when you cut jobs out of government. Very similar things happen throughout government programs when cuts are made. Not enough people to do the checks and balances that keep fraud to a minimum. re: Religious freedom - worship how you want, just don't affect others that don't believe how you believe. Birth control should be FREE for everyone - that would cut back on abortions. Studies have been done, and this is the truth. re: Communism. Do you know what it even is? LOL.... re: Liberalism - I'm progressive, and I read a lot. I make up my own mind after reading the facts. I believe we should have a single payer system rather than throwing money at insurance companies who have spent a lot of time and effort making sure people don't get what they pay for in health care. I read the Time Magazine article back last winter about health care called "A Bitter Pill". If you didn't read it you should. Loaded with FACTS, not talking points. re: what we put online - Oh yes, I'm well aware and have been since way before the Snowdon thing. There were photos of the building in Utah well before that. It's been in the works many years, and it wouldn't surprise me that the intelligence community decided to start it after 9/11, which is probably when the monitoring got ratcheted up several notches. I'm not really concerned about it - it might save us all one day. re: Business in the USA - what you are saying doesn't make sense. If business had their way, there would be no EPA or environmental controls - just like China. Our water would be filthy like India. Business is working on that now, with all the Fracking going on....it's just a matter of time. There is a group in Colorado that is trying to get their electricity switched over to solar/wind/renewable resources...they are getting into fights with the electric company who wants the status quo. Seems to me that we should be on the same side about that. You say that government should be for the people - and I agree with this. Right now, however, our government is bought and paid for by business and until we have campaign finance reform it will stay that way. I find your post interesting - you really seem to hate Obama and me. I'm not exactly in agreement with Obama on many things, BTW. You call us both communists, for example. Since the stock market has raised - what - over doubled since Obama came into office, I don't think he is a communist. :-) I don't believe that the government should own the means of production, but I do think that we, as a country, should be judged upon how we treat our poor. You also called me the devil?! LOL!!! Wow. If you are into truth, then you shouldn't visit FOX - rather you should listen to NPR. http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2011/11/21/fox-news-viewers-uninformed-npr-listeners-not-poll-suggests/ I am not twisting anything. You love business. All I know is that a business is only as good as it's owner/CEO. That cutting costs is low-hanging fruit, and workers will put up with a lot of cost cutting in bad times. I've been watching the changes with interest for many years...the pendulum will swing back, and it will start soon, I think. I can't wait. It will be our kids, the millennials, that will do make the difference.
Tamara October 11, 2013 at 01:07 PM
Freedom of Religion is not the same thing as freedom to worship. It means many things and this great country, which you enjoy the benefits of every day, has Freedom of Religion that people like you are trying to take away. Why you want to destroy this country and its freedoms is beyond me and beyond reason. Obama is fining people tons of money and putting people in jail for not killing babies or giving drugs to do so, or to control pregnancy. He is taking away our rights to live out our faith as we have done for a very long time. You say do your thing as long as it doesn't affect me. I say the same thing - but I mean it. Don't take away rights of millions of people to live out their faith! There is only one reason anybody would want to do that...enter communism - look at China. Taking away our freedom of privacy is not acceptable - especially when it is used against us with harassment, IRS audits, hauling us away to jail, etc. and so on. This has nothing to do with national security - it has to do with communist government control. Obama's activities with communist related organizations is well documented. There is also documentation on the communist activities of 100 Representatives and 20 Senators. Freedom loving people need to take this country back. Your LOL's and insults and twisting of words is not worth my time, so I will pass on the rest. I did not, for example, call you the devil. I said the devil uses confusion to advance his agenda. Liberals do that a lot. You may use the same tactics as the devil -but you are not the devil - there is a difference. I also never said "I love business." What I truly appreciate is the jobs organizations provide so people can provide food, clothing and shelter for their families. Again - there is an important difference.
Boiling October 11, 2013 at 04:14 PM
Tamara: I have sat here reading your rants. If something doesn’t fit in your centrally defined ideas then it is socialist or communist. You define this country wrong; let’s pick the most common socialist programs that we have: Military/Defense (wars), Highways/Roads & bridges, Public Libraries, Public Schools, Police & Fire Departments, Student Loans & Grants, Postal Service, Garbage Collection, Farm Subsidies, Vaccines (Polio), Corrections, Business Subsidies, VA Benefits, Water & Sewers systems, Courts, GI Bill, Zoos, Public Art Institutes, Museums, Medicare, 9-1-1 systems, Public Beaches and Recreation Departments, Mass Transit, CDC, FEMA, Homeland Security, USDA, Customs & Border Patrol, Peace Corps, Social Security, and many others. No matter who we are, and no matter how bad some of these ideas preform, we all benefit from something on this list. Stop bashing Government, and stop belly aching about your personal liberties, a society based on a single idea will fail, Socialism or Capitalism alone are doomed to fail. If you want to take any single item I have listed, and weaken the fabric of America (our safety nets), then you must eliminate all of these ideas, new, old, tried and proven, no matter what you benefit from. The founding fathers of this country knew from the start that in order for this county to survive that it was the fabric of the Nation, not the Iron Clad ideas of a single person or group that would make us a success. We have the opportunity to peacefully over through our government every couple of years. I’d suggest that we use (voting) this opportunity, and that we use our strengths to prevent the gerrymandering that Tea party and Republicans are doing to this country.
Tamara October 11, 2013 at 10:47 PM
If it is so upsetting Boiling (you don't agree with it) - then just don't read it. As American's - it seems like we should be able to agree on simple things like - we hate freedoms being taken away - we don't want our tax dollars wasted - we want our children to be well educated - we want to be safe - and we don't want communists in our congress. If we can't agree on those things then we are wasting our time here and we will never come together. I am just saying there are plenty of countries where that already exists so don't take it away from us here. People come here from all over the world seeking freedom and prosperity and once it is gone - it is gone. Current leadership has us so divided - I just don't know how we will ever come together. If we don't come together then half (ish) of us are always going to be very upset. Am I going to speak out when I am losing freedoms - every single time! You can insult it by using words like bashing and belly aching to try to top it as much as you want and I will just get louder. I have relatives that died for our freedoms! You want me to be quiet yet you speak of multiple voices being required? Freedom of Speech is there for a reason. Yikes - you guys want to get rid of that too now? Oh that is right - you only want to hear from people that agree with you. Don't take this the wrong way - but could I buy you a one way ticket to China where everything you want already exists?
Denise Nash October 13, 2013 at 01:14 PM
Just because I'm against stuff like this, doesn't mean I'm a communist. http://blog.nwf.org/2013/10/whats-the-condition-of-the-pipeline-beneath-the-straits-of-mackinac-video/
Tamara October 13, 2013 at 05:23 PM
I agree - not all Dem's are commies ;) I did not mean to express that if I somehow did.
Tamara October 13, 2013 at 05:33 PM
I do not know anybody - in either party - that wants oil spills or the Great Lakes ruined. If pipelines are damaged and putting this at risk - they should be fixed. I get very upset when the government wastes so much money in so many ways and then things that need to be fixed are not.


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