Cantoro Italian Market to Open Before Christmas in Northville

Owners are waiting on parking lot adjustments, a certificate of occupancy and a liquor license.

This is what Northville Township's Cantoro Italian Market is expected to look like once complete. Photo Credit: courtesy of Cantoro Italian Market
This is what Northville Township's Cantoro Italian Market is expected to look like once complete. Photo Credit: courtesy of Cantoro Italian Market
Cantoro Italian Market was last expected to open in Northville Township at the end of October. The new goal for its opening: mid-December.

"We're shooting to open before the 15th of the December," said John Fallone, co-owner of Cantoro Italian Market, which is currently open in Livonia and will open in Northville Township at 15550 Haggerty Road.

The market is behind two years from its original plans to open. The parking lot is one area that is causing delays. Northville Township's planning commission "approved with conditions" the market's site plan amendment for additional parking at a meeting Oct. 29. Fallone said the conditions are in reference to adjusted lot grading, which is the reshaping or sloping of an area so that water drainage is controlled and drains away from buildings.

Fallone said they also need a certificate of occupancy from the township. Mario Fallone, co-owner of the business and John Fallone's father, said they cannot stock shelves — a task which will take staff about a month to do — until they have the certificate. 

"We're hoping to get that within the next 10 days," John Fallone said.

After that, the owners will be waiting for one last piece of paperwork.

"We’re hoping to get a liquor license from the state a little after Thanksgiving," he said.

Cantoro Italian Market is one of metro Detroit's most popular bakeries, featuring fresh Italian breads each morning. The store's Livonia location has a deli and stocks popular wines, Italian pasta, cheese, vegetables and a large selection of olive oils, including the Fallone family brand. Loyal customers have been anxiously waiting for the opening.

"I have been going to Cantoro's my entire life. Great italian market. Most recently I was picking up some fresh ricotta for lasagna at the store on middlebelt in Livonia. Its hard to find good ricotta!!!" Patch reader Paul Schulz said in a comment.

The Northville location will have a few new offerings, Fallone said, including a wine made from grapes right at the store, more variety of homemade pasta, cakes and pastries — including wedding cakes, gifts imported from Italy and a café.

Have you been patiently waiting for Cantoro Italian Market's opening? Where have you been shopping in the meantime? Post a comment below.
Marc Spiritus Colter December 03, 2013 at 09:00 PM
Cantaro said on the phone not opening until after New Years, so 2014 Jan, but what date?
Aysha Jamali December 03, 2013 at 09:03 PM
Thanks for sharing, Marc. The date does seem to be getting pushed back regularly. I'll confirm with the owner and post another update.
Art Neilson December 30, 2013 at 09:22 AM
It seems the months are flyng by and still no bread.


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