Ferndale to Celebrate 79th Anniversary of the End of Prohibition

"Taste History" event to be held Dec. 1 as a fundraiser for the Ferndale Goodfellows.

Residents are invited to celebrate the 79th anniversary of the end of prohibition this weekend with an event that will help raise money for local families in need.

"Taste History" will be held Saturday, Dec. 1 and will mark the fifth year that Ferndale residents Larry and Monica Mills - along with a group of about 20 other volunteers - have put on the fundraiser.

The idea all started with passing some time watching the History Channel.

The Mills were watching a special on prohibition years ago and learned that prohibition officially ended on Dec. 5, 1933.

"We felt we should do something to celebrate that," said Monica Mills, adding that her husband Larry came up with the idea for the event.

"And because it's right around Christmas we thought, well this is a good opportunity to raise money for the Goodfellows," she said.

The event on Dec. 1 will commemorate the anniversary of the day in December, 1933 that Congress and President Roosevelt enacted the 21st amendment ending prohibition.

This year seven venues will decorate in the 1930s period and offer special drink prices. Staff and patrons are encouraged to wear period costumes (flappers, rum runners etc.).

The event will raise funds for Ferndale Goodfellows, which offers assistance to needy families during the holiday season. Off-duty police officers work with the fire department, volunteers, and other service organizations as part of Goodfellows to ensure local families are warm, sheltered, fed and have gifts for the holidays.

Donations will be collected through “passing the moonshine jug,” raffles, and corporate sponsorships. Volunteers will be at each of the venues to collect donations and offer a short "history lesson" about the end of prohibition for those who are interested.

The top-level sponsor is the UAW-Ford National Programs Center. Other sponsors include Ferndale Community Foundation, Dino's Lounge, Danny’s Irish Pub, Sneakers, The Bar Down Stairs, Leonard Bros. Data Management, Hodges Subaru, Howes’s Bayou, Tony’s Sports Bar, New Way Bar, Green Thumb Garden Center, Valentine Distilling, Minser’s Collision, Tommy’s Detroit Bar and Grill, The Livernois Lounge, The Metropolitan and Ferndale 115.com.

Last year’s events raised more than $4,000 for the holiday charity efforts.
To help or for information contact Monica Mills 248-330-2328 or monmil@sbcglobal.net.

Q&A about the event

Provided by Monica Mills

How to join?

Hang out at any of the participating venues: Tony’s Sports Bar, New Way Bar, Valentine Distilling Co. (real working still), Howe’s Bayou, Danny’s Irish Pub, Dino’s, and/or Sneakers Pub. This is not a pub crawl but your group is welcome to visit all.

How do you support the charity, Ferndale Goodfellows?

Volunteers with official badges will ask patrons for donations you will place in official moonshine jugs. The venues already have their jugs - You can ask staff to put your early donations in their venue jug.

Do you have to dress up on event day?

No, but it could be FUN! Most volunteers wear 1930’s flapper, rum runner or gangster outfits. Look up HBO’s Boardwalk Empire for ideas. Some venue staff will honor that time in history that legalized alcohol and open opportunities for jobs.

Who benefits from the money raised?

The event will raise funds for Ferndale Goodfellows who offer assistance to needy area families during the holiday season. Off-duty police officers work with the fire department, volunteers, and other service organizations as part of Goodfellows to ensure families are warm, sheltered, fed and have a gift for the holidays.

“Moe sent me”

Check out a real working still at: Valentine Distilling Co., 161 Vester St., Ferndale Wed. – Sat. 4–7 p.m. See Nick, tell him Moe sent you. Taste product till 2 a.m.

Be a Goodfellow

Make donations to Goodfellows now till Christmas inside at Just 4 Us.

Julie November 28, 2012 at 02:07 PM
What and where is the Bar Down Stairs??
Katie November 30, 2012 at 07:45 PM
I have the same question as Julie...
Jessica Schrader November 30, 2012 at 09:32 PM
The venues for this event tomorrow are: Tony’s Sports Bar, New Way Bar, Valentine Distilling Co., Howe’s Bayou, Danny’s Irish Pub, Dino’s Lounge and Sneakers Pub. The Bar Down Stairs is a sponsor, but it is not a business that's open to the public. Sorry for any confusion!
moe smith December 02, 2012 at 09:45 PM
the after party at the bardownstairs went into the wee hours of the morning. Larry an Monica Mills thanked the volunteers and a few local dignitary for their support


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