Northville City Car Wash Adds 30 Percent Onto Gift Cards

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Northville City Car Wash has been open since 2007. Photo credit: Northville City Car Wash
Northville City Car Wash has been open since 2007. Photo credit: Northville City Car Wash
Sammy Alnasir, manager of Northville City Car Wash, said the Northville business opened in 2007.

He recently submitted information about the business to Patch. If you have a business and want to participate in Patch's Small Business Shout Out, you can fill out the online form.

How did your business get started? The location went up for sale, and opportunity presented itself and we didn't look back.

What services does your business provide? 
Full Detail, Full service April Through November. We are a soft cloth tunnel car wash which is the only car wash in a 20 mile radius that offers every vehicle free Towel Dry on top of the Turbo dry in the tunnel. We offer the best quality in soaps, wax and drying agents that keep your car protected for years to come.

What do you want your business to be best known for?
 Customer Service! We are nuts about customer service! We truly understand that without the customer, we do not exist. We have state of the art equipment. We are keeping up with the times. Your 8th car wash is always free. Thirty percent added to the purchase of a gift card and wash card.

What's your most popular service? 
Winter Snow/Ice Buster, High Pressure fresh water that traces your car to get the snow, ice, salt off. Includes triple foam, triple wax, rain x, tie shine, towel dry and a gallon of windshield solvent. Our Wash card fundraising program is been very helpful to Northville sports. We have a fundraising program that is second to none and is very generous. The proof is in the pudding.

Why did you choose the location that you did
We live here, we play here, we work here, and our kids are educated here. We wanted to serve a community that we are part of.

For more information, stop in at 470 E. Main St. in Northville or email northvillecitycarwash@gmail.com.
Alex December 22, 2013 at 09:44 PM
Truly a great Wash with great customer service. I am a regular since 2009. The staff is very courteous and professional. Love their professional looking uniform.


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