Northville Meijer Sells Five $250,000 Winning Lottery Tickets

The tickets were likely bought by the same person, the Michigan Lottery reports.

The Northville sold five of Michigan's nine winning Mega Millions Lottery tickets on March 20 – which amounts to $1.25 million in winnings.

According to the Michigan Lottery, it is likely that one person bought all five of the winning tickets purchased in Northville for the March 20 Mega Millions drawing. The tickets are valued at $250,000 each. Michigan Lottery officials won't know for sure until the winner, or winners, comes forward.

"We have had instances before when a player had a hunch and bought more than one ticket for a particular drawing," said Commissioner M. Scott Bowen in a press release. "If that is the case this time, this player's hunch has paid off."

The winning tickets matched five numbers to win $250,000. To win the $250,000 prize, players must match five numbers, according to the Mega Millions website. Players have a l in 3.9 million chance of matching five numbers.

To win the ultimate prize – for which the drawing is on Friday and the jackpot is now up to $290 million – players must get the five numbers and an additional number. The odds of matching five numbers and an additional number are 1 in 175.7 million.

Nine winning tickets were sold in Michigan. The other winning tickets were sold in Taylor, Howell, Canton and Fenton. The nationwide drawing had 68 winners. The most winning tickets were sold in California.

According to the press release, "Mega Millions fever is expected to continue as Friday’s jackpot has jumped to $290 million, since the top prize was not won in Tuesday’s drawing. Friday’s cash option is $205 million for a single winner who takes the prize in a lump sum rather than 26 annual installments."


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