Simple Acts of Kindness Bring Hearts and Business Together

Hearts of Inspiration, a gift boutique and more, in downtown Northville also teaches etiquette classes from toddlers to teens.

When Tracey Wormsbacher decided to open up a retail shop in downtown Northville, she envisioned more than just a retail store. It took a while for her to come up with what she wanted to offer. Then she determined she didn’t want to just sell, she wanted to inspire.

“It took a long time,” Wormsbacher said. “I wanted to be back in retail again because I missed the customer service aspect in talking with people.

Her husband suggested she try something different than retail.

“So I said 'what if I found something to go with the retail that would fit with it?'” Wormsbacher said.

This was all happening at a time when she was observing a lack of etiquette in her child’s school. She recognized a need for educating children on proper ways to carry themselves. Suddenly, her method for becoming more than a retail shop emerged.

“I started doing some research to see what kind of businesses there were for manner and etiquette classes,” she said. “What I saw in school was that we’re not spending enough time on that. So I thought if I can provide a service that will help parents that are already trying, it could work. I can make this fun too.”

With a little inadvertent help from her children, came to life. “They inspire me every day to be the best I can be.” She said.

 “The reason we call it Hearts of Inspiration is because I’m very passionate about hearts,” Wormsbacher said. “I also have a non-profit organization called Echo of the Heart of Michigan.”

Her organization has on-going events to support the efforts of the Beaumont Hospital Student Heart Screening program which provides testing for children to detect congenital heart conditions. Something she’s all too aware of.

“My son and I were born with a congenital heart defect and we both had heart surgery in the same year.”

Using their ability to overcome their defects as Wormsbacher's motivation, Hearts of Inspiration is her way of giving back to the community, as she says, through simple acts of kindness.

“I really wanted to focus on human nature and being kind and how to behave.”

So when you walk into her place, there are things to buy, things to do and things to be. The gift boutique has something for girls of any age; from baby to grandma, but the main focus are her classes and parties.

“I’d like to inspire kids to do the right thing by teaching them” Wormsbacher said. “I’d like them to reach for whatever inspires them; if it’s art, if its science, I think if they have the confidence; they’ll be able to do that. I’m always looking for things that inspire me. If I can teach that to kids, then I think we can help the community to be a little kinder and gentler.  


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