Commitment, Relationships and the Mission

When you commit to your health, your relationships and you vow yourself to the mission of contribution towards one another... it will change the world.

Personally, I love an inspiring message. I feel you can't hear it enough. It doesn't matter if it comes from T.V., church, a coach or your family chiropractor.

We should all seek inspiring messages and words on a daily basis. That is "if" we want to improve or continue to perform at a high level. I was at Oakpointe Church of Novi and we had a guest speaker, Dennis Rainey, CEO of Family Life Ministries. He talked about the power of a family and what a positive difference a family of courageous, Christians could make in the community and ultimately the world. He had my attention. Similarly, I believe that when a family focuses on health, and people become healthier and stay healthy, this community and world becomes a better place.

How does this happen and really, can you and your family make a difference? How could my own family improve the conditions of the planet that occupies nearly 7 billion people? Can we really make a difference? Absolutely.

First, we have to commit. As a leader in your family, your workplace or school, you have to commit to growth and bettering your personal life. If you have children, you're automatically a leader. The responsibilty is yours. To commit is to vow yourself, daily. This isn't about perfection, but progress. Are you commited to your health? Are you commited to your realtionship with your spouse? Are you commited to an integrous business? Full commitment makes all the difference 'til death do us part.

Commit to relationships with those you love. Build a team. Have the 'hard' talks. Set boundries of acceptable behavior and what is expected of every individual. Take your spouse on dates to keep the flame hot. Ask them how they feel love from you. Is it helping out around the house or a hug and a kiss? Is it spending quality time? Fill their love bucket and grow the connection and realtionship. Your family and those closest to you can act as a positive army and force fighting for a better community. Do you believe?

Get involved in the mission. What's the mission? Contribution and making this world a better place for our children and children's children. You can make a difference, large or small. Get creative. Send your Christian children to public school rather than private school. Teach them to be courageous and spread hope to those confused. Involve your entire family in regular chiropractic care to stay healthy, not to just 'fix' problems. Clean windows that are clean, not dirty. Volunteer at a local food bank for an hour, two hours or more. Create a vision for you and your family, create a vision for your business and the positive impact it can make on the community. Allow the vision and the mission to motivate you and inspire you. Define it. Get very clear and watch your actions take fold.

Imagine if you and your family were to commit to your health. Imagine if you and your family were to invest in your interconnectedness. Imagine if you and your family were to get involved in the mission of contribution towards one another. The possibilities are endless. The difference that you can make is monumental. Please, if you need help getting started, seek it. You will indefinitely be an ancestor...what will they say about you?

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