In the Midst of Holiday Cheer, Don't Forget About Your Health

Join me in finishing the year stronger and more vibrant than ever. Let's begin the new year and hit the ground running.

Shopping, eating, traveling, laughing, crying, remembering and wishing are all part of the holiday experience. This is what makes the holidays so special.

Often, we all get so busy during the holidays that we neglect our most important asset; health! Studies show that more hospitalizations occur during the holiday season (Dec 15th-Jan 15th) than any other time of the year. This includes children. Why is this? Is it genetics? Is it stress? Regardless, personally and professionally, many people set aside their health priorities during this time of the year.They get caught up in the 'business' of the season and unfortunately make life-threatening decisions for their health. If we don't make time for our health now, we will be forced to make time for it in the future. Yikes!

Here's the challenge: While everyone else is stressed, eating and drinking too much and skipping the gym, let's make our health a top priority and not become a statistic. Here are some healthful tips to implement this season:

  1. Build value. You have to value your health and what being healthy can do for you. Making healthier choices will improve you physically, mentally, socially and perhaps spiritually. This improved you will transfer to your relationships and loved ones. They will feel your centeredness and attention towards them. They will feel more loved with a better, more fit you. You have to build value, this will guide you in making better decisions.
  2. Avoid pain. Most the decisons we make are either to gain pleasure or avoid pain. Write out what the negative consequneces are if you negelct your health this season. Whatever makes you the most emotional, will work the best. I know if I don't make it to the gym at least 4 days a week, I am not at my best. I get cranky, I get stiff. I am not the most social. I can be irritable towards others. I have to make it a priority or my loved ones get a half-arsed me. This is a painful feeling for me and I want to avoid it all costs.
  3. Gain support. Find a friend or partner who values their health too. Join forces and set some small goals during this next month. Write the goals out. Be responsible and accountable to one another. Synergize and support each other. See yourselves as a dynamic health duo!
  4. Your health is not about you. Always remember those for whom you stay healthy. God asks that we are to love one another and serve one another. The only way to do this effectively and with maximal effort is if we take care of our temple (body) first. To be the best health care provider I can be, I have to take care of me first. I schedule my office hours around my need to exercise regularly, rest, visit my chiropractor and eat nourishing foods. In order to serve at my greatest ability, I have to take care of me. This is win-win for everyone.

Have a great holiday season, but don't forget about your health. Make it a priority and invest in yourself so you can be a better parent, role-model or employee. Teach these principles to your children, so that they have a road-map for better living the rest of their life. 'Tis the season to spread love, joy, peace and kindness. This can all be done with a better you. Believe me, it's harder to spread more love when you're stuck in a hospital or sick in bed!

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