Chocolatier Making Noise with Unexpected Salty and Sweet Combination

Chocolate-covered Doritos? Really? Don’t dismiss it until you’ve tried it, 114-year-old Michigan chocolate maker insists.

"Yup! We're crazy like that!" Gilbert Chocolates wrote on its Facebook page. (Photo: Gilbert Chocolates)
"Yup! We're crazy like that!" Gilbert Chocolates wrote on its Facebook page. (Photo: Gilbert Chocolates)

Here’s a salty-sweet Easter combination that might not occur to you: Chocolate-covered Doritos.

If you’re willing to accept the word of confectioner Gilbert Chocolates – and as an institution that has been part of the the Michigan town of Jackson since 1900, why wouldn’t you? – they’ve been selling like, ahem, hot cakes since they were introduced last November to appease persistent teenagers, The Jackson Citizen Patriot reports.

The chocolatier recently opened a store in a Jackson mall and teenagers “just kept pestering us” about adding adding a line of chocolate-covered Doritos to complement the line of chocolate-covered potato chips, which have sold well, said Brian Krichbaum, who owns the business with his wife, Sally.

“So we started making them and they sold well,” he said.

Gilbert Chocolates have a storied military history as well. They were passed out as morale boosters to U.S. soldiers during World War II.

“We supplied a quarter of a million pounds of chocolate to the Army during World War II that they passed out to the soldiers as a morale booster,” Krichbaum said. “They shipped it to the battlefield and they passed out our candy to the troops. And it was all made right here in Jackson.”


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