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Important Info regarding the LNHA

The Lakes of Northville Homeowners Association(LNHA) was incorporated on October 10, 1978.  The board failed to refile documents as required by the Non Profit Corporation Act PA162 of 1982,MCL 450.2101.  The last document filed was by Marjorie Banner on March 16, 2003.  Peggy English filed the 2004 report. According to the LNHA 2012 directory, Ms Banner is presently serving as V.P. and Chairperson of Legal/Government Affairs.  Who is responsible for filing these documents?

According to a letter to the Lakes of Northville Association on June 27, 2012, the LNHA has been legally prohibited from conducting any new business since October 1, 2007.  The letter from Attorney Kimberly J. Bowlin continues, "Moreover, the board has no authority to assess and collect dues, assert authority over any homeowner, conduct activities for alleged by-laws which are null and void....".  Over the past 5 years the alleged LNHA has collected over $250,000 in dues.  Was this money illegally collected? If so do we get money back and from whom?  This board does not have authority to conduct ANY business.  Records of expenditures for 2011 and the budget for 2012 can be found on the LNHA web site.(www.lakes of northville.org.)

According to Atty Bowlin, "One cannot simply re-file corporate documents and expect that individual owners in a platted subdivision are bound."  This organization was dissolved by the State of Michigan in 2007 for failure to file timely reports.  In order for everyone to be bound, signatures must be collected.  Homeowners may agree to be reincorporated and proper documents submitted to the State of Michigan.  This is not an "instant cure" problem.  It may takes months to a year to reconstitute.

Some of these individuals associated with LNHA are running for election or re-election to NORTHVILLE TOWNSHIP POSITIONS.  Before voting one must consider the competence of individuals who cannot perform simple tasks of filing a document for a non profit organization in the State of Michigan. 

This entire revelation came to our attention as result of a LNHA resident filing a complaint about the placement of playground equipment in very close proximity to her/his lot line.

Lee Gribbs /Len Piner


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Christopher Sala August 10, 2012 at 12:22 AM
And people walk through the commons area all the time and cannot think of anyone who has been told to go away
d benoit August 15, 2012 at 01:03 PM
The bottom line to me is that a greater good would have been realized had this money gone towards a much needed new signage and lighting.I did submit my opinion via e-mail and was out of town and could not voice my opinion at either meeting. The positive impact to our homes values would be much greater with new signs and lights than with a playscape.(I would submit to ask any realtor which would have a greater impact on our values). I also do not believe that there are enough young kids in our aging subdivison that will truly use this structure. In these tough economic times we all are facing does a $28k playscape really seem appropriate? Lets at least spend funds to clear away all the overgrown trees and shrubs that prevent anyone walking the commons to even get near the lake shore to enjoy the views D. Benoit LON resident
Mark Anderson August 15, 2012 at 02:28 PM
D Benoit, It's clearly stated in the minutes to the meetings that this in no way impacts the amount set aside for signage and lights. Believe me, I agree with you. When I first moved in, I attended the annual meeting and spoke up about my desire to have both, and have them mimic in form those in Maple Hill (as they have gorgeous signs and lights - in my opinion). At that time, and to this date, the Board has been in favor of doing this, but not until lighting has come to the point we can install solar lighting, thereby reducing the need to dig through yards to run electrical. I have nothing else I can do but be confident the Board continues to look into these solutions. Regarding the play structure not being utilized, there are over 100 children under the age of 12 in the subdivision plus plenty of grandparents in this "aging" sub. I'm personally not concerned about the structure not being used. Mark
Northville Lifer August 16, 2012 at 02:22 AM
“Lets at least spend funds to clear away all the overgrown trees and shrubs that prevent anyone walking the commons to even get near the lake shore to enjoy the views." Couldn't agree more. We've lost the "Lakes" in "Lakes of Northville." It got cleaned up about ten years ago and was beautiful. The grandkids could fish and I walked there almost every day. Now it's brush, junk trees and most of the views are gone. I hardly walk there anymore. My neighbor used to walk his dog there, and he stopped too. I don't know why the board didn't have it cut once or twice a year after it was cleaned up before, enough to keep the brush from getting overgrown. Perhaps it's only a matter of more of us letting them know we'd like our "lake" back? I know they work hard and don’t know if we don’t speak up. I’m happy for kids to have their play structure. But I’d also like all of LAKES of Northville to be able to enjoy the “lake” views again. I think if the brush were kept moderately cleared, it would add greatly to our subdivision’s character and property values.
Jackie West August 17, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Simple answer, Mr. Piner: the bank account is not frozen. Seems your facts are all knotted up. Oh, and your caps key is stuck:) One more question: when is the last time YOU volunteered to do anything in this subdivision?


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