Letter to the Editor: Northville School Board Member Urges 'Yes' Vote on Tech Bond

School board member Cyndy Jankowski urges Northville Public Schools district voters to support the proposed tech bond.

- The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Northville School Board trustee Cyndy Jankowski

As a school board trustee, I have had the opportunity to attend many school related functions and community forums to give input and support for the upcoming Technology Bond which will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot. I have followed the various comments in the local media and at various school and community gatherings, and would like to take this opportunity to respond and express why I am encouraging Northville residents to support the Technology Bond.

Technology has not been brought before the electorate since 2006. At that time, the district placed a two-prong initiative on the ballot that included technology upgrades, along with other building, facility and program improvements across the district. Voters, concerned about the already faltering economy, did not approve the bond proposals. Since that time, school funding as been on a steady decline. In an ongoing effort to protect general operating dollars for the classroom, the district has done an excellent job of maximizing the useful life of the existing technology, despite the fact that needs existed six years ago. Now, however, that technology is at a breaking point and must be replaced with relevant educational technology.

With passage of the two- series bond proposal, the district is able to ensure up-to-date technology over a period of nine + years, maximizing the period of time for which the funds can support the district’s technology needs. The two- series format of the proposal also allows future flexibility as new technologies evolve over the life of the bond.

This proposal goes beyond simply refreshing the existing computers in the district. An essential component is the significant infusion of interactive instruction technology in the classroom., something the district has not had in the past. This is a critical piece that leads to meaningful instruction, greater access to instructional resources, not to mention higher levels of student involvement. The excitement within the district’s pilot “model classrooms” has been contagious and offers a glimpse of what could be for classrooms across the district.

Schools with good reputations make for desirable communities, and as we can see from the unaudited student count, we are up 100 students this year. As noted in the Sept. 29 The Bottom Line article on NBCNews.com, the second highest gain in home prices in the country was Northville Township with a 15.7 percent jump. The article went on to say that “this upper-middle class Detroit suburb is buoyed by a high-performing school district that helped sustain property values amid challenging economic times for Michigan.”

When it’s time to move to a sunnier climate or to downsize an empty nest, good schools make for steady, competitive home prices. This investment in our children’s future, will give them college ready and workplace ready skills to compete among other candidates. It will keep our community strong and desirable, and will attract businesses to locate to Northville. Northville will continue to provide outstanding opportunities in academics, athletics and the arts, which are synonymous with the Northville Public Schools. Won’t you join me in voting YES for the NPS Technology Bond?

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