House on Carpenter Burglarized

The following information was supplied by the Northville Police Department.

A woman reported that her home on the 800 block of Carpenter was burglarized between 1 and 4 p.m. on Nov. 27, according to a police report.

When the woman arrived home, she noticed the doors to the TV stand and a desk were open, which she thought was odd, the report said. The woman checked the rest of the home and found that her bedroom and her daughter's room had been lightly ransacked, the report said.

The woman discovered a diamond ring and a necklace stolen from her room, the report said. The coins from two piggy banks in her daughter's room had been taken, but the banks were left on the bed, the report said.

The police are currently processing the piggy banks for finger prints, the report said.

The police officer discovered that the suspect attempted to gain entry through the rear door of the deck that leads into the garage. The outer glass pane on the lower part of the door had been shattered and two marks were found near the doorknob, the report said.

The homeowner said she is unsure which doors may have been unlocked during the day, the report said. None of the neighbors interviewed saw anything suspicious, the report said.


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