Trustee Announces Bid for Northville Township Supervisor Seat

Chris Roosen wants position currently held by Mark Abbo, who has yet to announce whether he will seek re-election.

Northville Township Trustee Chris Roosen has thrown his hat in the ring to seek the supervisor position in the community he has called home since 2000.

The first candidate to announce intentions to run for the seat, Roosen said he'd like to lead the township to economic resurgence.

"I was always brought up to be a volunteer, to be active in the community whether in church or public service. What I think I've done is bring fiscally responsible leadership to the board," he said, adding that as supervisor he can do even more.

Roosen said his bid means that if current Supervisor Mark Abbo announces his intentions to run for re-election in November, Abbo will face an opponent for the first time in years. He has been supervisor since 2000.

Abbo could not be reached Monday for comment.

Roosen, 45, a two-term trustee in office for the past eight years, is running on the theme: "Time For a Change. Ready to Lead."

He said that change refers to his transition from trustee to supervisor, a part-time job in the township of 28,000 residents.

Roosen acknowledged that he believes it's also time for a fresh approach and fresh ideas.

Among his ideas is a focus on more partnerships because "there is an economic need for government to do more with less." He said that is one way to "reduce costs and bring more services to residents."

Already the township provides dispatch and lockup for the city of Northville and a sewer partnership with Canton and Plymouth townships. But more can be done. For instance, he noted Plymouth Township's struggles to provide fire services to residents and said there should be something Northville Township can do to help.

He said there also may be ways to consolidate services provided to the five communities served by the 35th District Court - Canton, Plymouth, Northville and their respective townships.

His history with Ford and Visteon, he said, gives him a process improvement background which means he strives to find a "better and cheaper way to do things."

According to a news release Monday, Roosen also is a board liaison to the Township Planning Commission and Northville Youth Assistance Commission. He also has served on the Township Economic Development Corp. and Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. 

Roosen said he'll be using social media to get his message to the masses. Follow him at www.facebook.com/Roosen2012 or on Twitter at @croosen48168.

ecnalubma February 21, 2012 at 10:19 PM
Be careful of the phrase “…..there also may be ways to consolidate services…..” this is political code for “Big Government”, and he is quoted as saying “he noted Plymouth Township's struggles to provide fire services to residents and said there should be something Northville Township can do to help.” Come on who wants to jump into this Hornets’ Nest? They don’t what help, they have engineered a crisis so that they can justify downsizing for political reasons, and they already failed in their relationship with Plymouth City, why would it be any different in Northville Township? I would think that Mr. Roosen would have a better handle on these issues.


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