It's Primary Election Day! Where Do You Vote, Northville?

Here's a list of the polling places in the city of Northville and Northville Township.

There are a handful of big primary races affecting .

The primary election for the 11th Congressional District showdown in November will affect all Northville voters. The contenders are vying to fill a U.S. House of Representatives seat . In the township, winners of the will win the seat, since they run unopposed by any Democratic challenger.

If you're headed to the polls today, here's a look at where you'll be casting your ballot. Voting begins at 7 a.m. and ends at 8 p.m.

  • City of Northville voters residing of Wayne County can head to the city hall on Main Street.
  • City residents in Oakland County will vote at on Center and Eight Mile roads.
  • Depending on their precinct, Northville Township voters will head to polls in one of seven locations including , , , , and the. To see which precinct you fall under, see the map above.


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