UPDATED: Michigan Senate Approves House Bill to Sell Robert Scott Prison

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Kurt Heise (R-Plymouth), now awaits Gov. Rick Snyder's signature.

Northville Township is one step closer to bringing new businesses to the Five Mile and Beck roads area.

House Bill 4689, sponsored in the Michigan House by Rep. Kurt Heise (R-Plymouth), previously cleared the state House and cleared the Senate today. It authorizes the sale of the former Robert Scott Correctional Facility.

The bill paves "the way for a new advanced energy technology park that will help create jobs and promote long-term economic growth in the area," according to a press release from Heise's office announcing the vote.

Township supervisor Mark Abbo agreed. "What we'd like done with the property is for it to be put to more constructive use," he said. Specifically, that means having it "added to the tax rolls."

Heise echoed similar sentiments in his press release. "Allowing for the sale of Scott prison is a blockbuster decision that will help transform our region and improve our economy. The sale is critical to the success of the Five Mile corridor initiative."

State Sen. Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton), who sponsored a similar bill in the Senate, also lauded its passage.

“The authorization to sell the Scott Correctional Facility presents a monumental opportunity for our community to revitalize an unused eyesore, and brings with it the potential to stimulate the economy with new business and needed jobs,” Colbeck said. “It will herald a new era of economic development in Northville and surrounding communities and I thank my colleagues and Governor Snyder for recognizing its importance with their support.”

Previously, Northville Township officials passed their own .

Heise's office reports that the bill now awaits Gov. Rick Snyder's signature. If signed, one of the bill's provisions calls for the property to be offered to Northville Township for purchase at $1.

Buying the property is something the township might consider, Abbo said.

"The Township acquiring it isn't a likely scenario but it's still something we can't dismiss," he said.

Abbo said that "there's a lot of people who have to weigh into that and come to a consensus."

For Abbo, who r as township supervisor, it's a proud moment.

"It kind of fulfills one of our primary objectives for a long time," he said. "It diversifies our tax base and takes the strain off just residents."

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Steve C March 23, 2012 at 01:33 PM
How about the eye sore(prison) that has been sitting, abandoned a heck of a lot longer on the South side of 5 mile road?
ecnalubma March 23, 2012 at 02:05 PM
It has been for sale for years. The property is on an old City of Detroit landfill. After the construction of the new buildings they found that they had Methane seeping into the building and they had to evacuate them often. The State has had many inquires, but after the "Due diligence" they moved on. My old company was going to purchase the property, but they backed out because of the hazards.
Possum March 23, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Speaking of this prison, has anyone noticed that the guards that worked here and routinely raped female inmates were never charged? The state settled a multimillion dollar lawsuit, but Attorney General Cox washed his hands of any responsibility. So, we have state employees that are known criminals on the payroll or on state pensions to this day. Thank you Mr. Cox.
Anonymous September 26, 2012 at 04:36 PM
I am a former female Michigan prisoner. You are correct; there are male guards that have fathered children that were never charged. Of course, as we all know, if you are a convicted felon, your word is no good. Yet, isn't it ironic that the State did settle after all those years? I suppose that doesn't admit responsibility does it? It just "shuts up" the problem long enough to sweep it under the rug. I know some of the women involved in this lawsuit and I am grateful for their monetary gain. Hopefully, by the grace of God, they will forget the shame of being raped and used. For those of us that have broken the law and face the consequences, we have enough on our plate overcoming the guilt and shame of what we caused on our own.


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