OPINION: Michigan Delegation Has Best Seats in the House at Republican National Convention

Northville resident Thomas Stroup talks about his tour of the convention floor in Tampa, FL.

- From the blog of Northville resident Tom Stroup, an in Tampa, FL. Stroup is also the chair of the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee.

I decided to walk over to the convention center (Tampa Bay Times Forum) and see the floor and where the Michigan delegation would be sitting.

They relaxed the rules today since there is essentially no official activity, delegates and alternates could walk down on the floor.

Michigan by the way has the BEST seats in the house.  Right in front of the stage.  Anyone want to second guess how important we are in this process?  :)

The gift shop had a lot of items for sale, but an interesting checkout procedure.  If you bought something with the official convention logo, you would use one set of registers.  If you bought anything with the Romney Ryan on it....you had to fill out a campaign finance form!  (Thank you McCain Feingold!)  Not that I was going to buy much...an iPhone case was $40 !!!

You can check out the rest of Stroup's blog from the convention by clicking here.


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