What Are Michigan's 2012 Ballot Proposals?

On Nov. 6, Northville voters will approve or shoot down six statewide proposals, ranging from a new bridge to Canada to the emergency manager law.

Michigan voters will have to make many decisions in the November election, including yes or no votes on six state proposals on issues that range from a new bridge to Canada to collective bargaining.

Here are the six state proposals on Michigan's Nov. 6 ballot:

  • Proposal 12-1: The Emergency Manager Law would expand the powers of emergency managers in municipalities and school districts and allow the governor to appoint emergency managers.
  • Proposal 12-2: Right to Collective Bargaining is a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would make collective bargaining a right for public and private workers.
  • Proposal 12-3: Renewable Energy Standard is a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would require 25 percent of the state’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources.
  • Proposal 12-4: Quality Home Care is a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would give home health care workers limited collective bargaining rights.
  • Proposal 12-5: Limit Enactment of New State Taxes is a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would require a two-thirds majority of the state legislature or a statewide vote to raise state taxes.
  • Proposal 12-6: Require Vote on International Bridges is a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would require a statewide vote to build international bridges or tunnels. This would affect the New International Trade Crossing (or new bridge to Canada).

    For more information on the state ballot proposals, go to Vote411.org and to Ballotpedia.

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Bill P November 05, 2012 at 09:32 PM
Marc J. SOSNOWSKI is a candate for one of two 'Governor' positions at Wayne State University. There are 8 candidates representing 5 political parties. Marc reresents U.S. Taxpayers. While I am not a member of any of the political parties represented for this position I do know Marc from here in Northville and have no problem recommending him as an informed, intelligent, honest and personable individual who will provide excellent service to this fine university, its students and programs, and our community. Marc J. SOSNOWSKI - candidate 6 on your ballot for Wayne State University Board of Governors.
Bill P November 06, 2012 at 12:54 AM
That was fast. Already a direct email re: Marc; presumably from the Patch posting. ANIMAL LOVERS PLEASE READ: The following is in his own words: "I stand firmly against the use of all animals in the research labs of Wayne State University. Testing on animals is shown to be inaccurate in predicting effects on humans, and more reliable testing methods are available." Here I think Marc is being too kind. The use of animals for 'testing' is a mis-leading term; the 'tests' are barbaric for openers and can get worse from there. Any 'Good News' happy-ending lost pet stories to the contrary, if your pet cat or dog wanders off (or is snatched) and winds up in one of those 'testiing facilities' that is only where your worst nightmare begins and you won't even learn where your pet wound up. Marc will work very hard to end that possiblity. So tell your friends to vote for Marc J. SOSNOWSKI for Wayne State University Board of Governors. He's #6 on that list of candidates.


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