9 National Merit Semifinalists Named at Northville High School

Finalists are expected to be announced in February.

Clarification: The nine students named as National Merit Semifinalists are not the total number of National Merit students at Northville High School this year. They do not reflect finalists and commendations.

Nine students at are among more than 16,000 nationwide who were named National Merit Semifinalists, the National Merit Scholar Corporation announced Wednesday.

These students are eligible to advance and become National Merit Finalists. Those names are expected to be released in February, according to the NMSC, which awards the distinctions. Then, some of the students in the finalist pool are selected for the top title – National Merit Scholar. They qualify for special college scholarships.

The nine Northville students are:

  •  Nick Adamowicz
  •  John C. DeSilva
  •  Yuchen Guo
  •  Patrick X. Huang
  •  Gina E. Kim
  •  Michelle A. Mueller
  •  Mohit K. Rathi
  •  Richard Wang
  •  Catherine Yang

In the last academic year, Northville High School had , including finalists and commendations.


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