More Than 100 Apply For Silver Springs Principal Job

Northville school district hopes to have a candidate to bring before the board by Aug. 28.

At the Northville School board meeting this week, Superintendent Mary Kay Gallagher told the board that more than 80 applications have been received to left by principal Scott Snyder.

As of about 4 p.m. on Thursday, that number grew to 100.

"The response certainly reflects the  District's reputation for excellence in education," district Human Resources director David Rodgers said via email.

It was announced earlier this month . The school board voted in April. Snyder, school board members and district officials repeatedly declined to comment on the specific reasons the contract was not renewed. Still, the former principal received .

The deadline for candidates to submit applications was Thursday. Since the school district posted the job about two weeks ago, interest has been "twice the number of what is typical," Gallagher said.

An email from the school listserv details the process for selecting a principal after the deadline:

  • The list of candidates will be winnowed by Aug. 20.
  • A panel of Silver Springs parents and teachers, another elementary school principal representative and a district administrator will interview candidates. That will be followed by a final interview with the superintendent and other administrators.
  • By the Aug. 28 board meeting, the district hopes to have a candidate to bring to the school board for approval. Classes start on Sept. 4.

"This is an aggressive time line for the District and our candidates, and therefore the process may be extended if found to be necessary in seeking a quality leader for Silver Springs," Gallagher said in the email. "Silver Springs is a tremendous school, with a dedicated staff, a supportive parent community, and great students. We look forward to building on the excellence that exemplifies Silver Springs and Northville Public Schools."

At the meeting Tuesday night board member and Silver Springs parent Cyndy Jankowski expressed her discontent with Snyder's resignation, saying she thinks the improvement plan for Snyder could have resolved issues with the former principal. She voted not to automatically renew his contract.

"As I have discussed with several Silver Springs parents, the issues that were brought before the board were not insurmountable, and with an improvement plan in place, could have been resolved with a positive outcome" Jankowski said during the meeting. "Mr. Snyder has chosen a different path and I wish him well in his new endeavor."

She also said she knows the district will find a worthy candidate and ended saying, "I see an amazing year of possibilities for Silver Springs this coming year. Let's work together to make those possibilities realities."


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