UPDATED: Jankowski, Phelps and Wilk Elected to Northville School Board

Voters also passed the tech bond for Northville Public Schools.

Tech bond passes with 60 percent of vote

Despite at times long waits at the polls, about 13,500 voters – or about 60 percent – showed their support Tuesday night for the technology bond for Northville Public Schools.

"These much-needed technology enhancements will provide proven educational technology that adapts to individual student learning styles; strengthens college and career readiness for all students; and keep the district’s General Fund dollars in the classroom — all while maintaining the current 4.3-mill millage rate for taxpayers," Superintendent Mary Kay Gallagher said in a district email.

She added, "Please be assured that thoughtful planning is already under way in partnership with teachers, staff and students for the purchase and installation of these technology improvements with a focus on the 21st Century learning experiences our students will need to compete in the ever-changing and increasingly interrelated world in which we live."

2 incumbents, 1 newcomer elected to school board

Incumbents Cynthia Jankowski and Matthew Wilk have won the Northville school board seats to which they were appointed, according to unofficial election results Tuesday night. They will be joined on the board by Adam Phelps.

"I look forward to working with the other board members to build confidence with our residents and teachers that we're moving the school district in the right direction," Phelps said via email Tuesday night. "Thank you to the voters who have given me the opportunity to serve on the school board and also to everyone who voted for the technology bond. This funding will enable the district to make important updates to our infrastructures and I will help make sure we manage spending carefully and conservatively."

Jankowski congratulated her newly elected fellow board members and thanked her opponents who did not win the race.

"It is my hope that Mickey Barrett and Roland Hwang will remain available to the district so that we may call upon their extraordinary talents to move the district’s initiatives into the future," she said via email. "I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Dottie Garrity for her years of service to the Board, and to express my appreciation for her insight, her encouragement, her words of wisdom and her professionalism which I have admired and will miss when she leaves the Board for other endeavors. Dottie has been a mentor, a colleague and a friend."

Wilk, in an email Wednesday morning also thanked voters.

"I am elated that the voters in the Northville Public School District elected me to a full term. I will be working hard to insure that our district continues down the path of improvement during my term," Wilk said. "We are going to have to address quickly both educator staffing and structural budget deficit issues—we need more teachers in the classroom, but we can’t spend more than we bring in."

Candidate Roland Hwang congratulated his opponents in a Wednesday email and showed support for the district's continued success.

"I am very proud of the district's performance and record overall. I appreciate being able to voice my views on behalf of people all over the district on the issues facing the Northville School District, such as class sizes, focusing on curriculum for the future, and consideration for adding world languages including Mandarin," Hwang said. "I hope the discourse on those issues continue for the sake of our students."

Here's a look at the school board results by the numbers:

Candidate Township precinct results City precinct 1 results City precinct 2 results Oakland County precinct results TOTAL NUMBER of votes Cynthia Jankowski 6,099 374 984 2,705 10,162 Adam Phelps 4,980 274 589 1,987 7,830 Matthew Wilk 4,625 244 732 2,120 7,721 Roland Hwang 4,478 307 703 1,870 7,358 Mickey Barrett 2,650 193 361 1,320 4,524

*Winners' names in bold

Get more details on Northville elections from Patch throughout Wednesday. Check out this local elections overview piece in the meantime.

Marty Testasecca November 07, 2012 at 07:56 AM
Amen Northville! You got it so right by electing Adam Phelps to the school board AND approving the Tech Bond. Thank you for paying attention to what matters to our kids.
Rachael November 08, 2012 at 01:51 AM
Thankfully Adam Phelps was elected, but too bad the other ones were reelected. I'm grateful that we have at least one person on the board for the kids instead of selling them out.
Debbie Eichholtz November 08, 2012 at 03:38 AM
Thank you for approving the Technology Bond! I am a staff member in the district, and a parent of young adults who attended NPS. I honestly believe the computers my students use in the lab today just might be the same ones my kids used!
Patrick J Oneil November 08, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Perhaps now the BoE will stand up for what is really important and that is the educational experience of our children. High school class sizes that are dangerous, and a very real lack of leadership will destroy NPS. The BoE can easily find the money if they wanted to to lower class size but will they? Not likely, their consideration of hiring three teachers, per the Northville Record, is like putting lipstick on a pig.


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