Silver Springs Parents Ask Northville School Board For Answers About Fate of Principal

Principal Scott Snyder's contract was not automatically renewed for the 2012-13 school year.

Since the Northville school board's decision in April of principal Scott Snyder, several parents have rallied behind him.

At least 20 of those parents filled Northville's school board meeting Tuesday night to ask the board for answers about its decision and for more information about Snyder's future. In previous interviews, the board and principal Snyder have declined to discuss the specifics of what prompted the board's decision to reserve the right to end his contract.

A handful of parents spoke in support of Snyder on Tuesday night, all saying that parents were not consulted about the board's decision.

Parent Paul Kadesch said, "We have one of the top-performing elementary schools in the district. It is without question that Mr. Snyder has and continues to be part of that success ... We request that you let us know what definitive action steps you will put in place to prevent the loss of Mr. Snyder."

Another parent told the board that his family relocated to the district and that the reason they chose Northville was because of Snyder.

"We did a tour of the school with principal Snyder and from the first moment we met him, it was abundantly clear to our family that this was a great school led by a high-quality person," he said. "Clearly our family chose Silver Springs and we have not regretted it for a moment."

He added, "As parents we have not seen or heard any reason why principal Snyder should be anything but a highly regarded principal and kept in his position as long as he desires. The school board will have a very difficult time replacing principal Snyder."

Board member Ken Roth, speaking for the board, responded saying that the matter was given great consideration. He also thanked the parents for their feedback.

"As to any discussion regarding a specific administrator, or principal or teacher. We respect our teachers and administrators too much to go into specific details regard any personnel or student matter in a public forum," Roth said.

He added, without giving specifics, that principals are expected to "maintain a safe and positive learning environment within their buildings. We expect our principals to complete the important work of teacher evaluations in a timely fashion, to ensure that we are in compliance with the state and to ensure that students are receiving quality instruction. We expect school principals to maintain school files in an organized and professional manner. We expect school principals to be respectful and responsive in working with the superintendent and the central office leadership team."

Roth concluded saying, "When the teacher, student or principal does not engage in a fashion that does not meet these baseline expectations, we will hold them accountable."

Greg Baker June 27, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Principal Snyder is a testament to the Northville community. While myself and countless other Northville residents could not attend the meeting this week, please know there is simply enormous support for Principal Snyder from those that know him and have had the distinct priviledge of having our children benefit from his fine example and leadership. It will be an absolute shame to let frivolous politics interfere with the quality education of our children. My family is in this school district for a distinct reason and as a well connected voter its my absolute honor to know Principal Scott Snyder. Greg Baker Cub Scout Leader and Northville Resident
Laura Budweg June 28, 2012 at 02:31 AM
Principal Scott Snyder is a great leader. I've been fortunate to work with him in a number of different capacities and have found him to be very bright and always professional. He is passionate, creative and entrepreneurial in his approach to providing a quality education for our students in order to prepare them for the 21st century. He solves problems pragmatically. He has created a very strong team at Silver Springs. We are very fortunate to have Scott Snyder as our principal and our teachers / staff - Silver Springs is a great school!!!!
Mickey August 07, 2012 at 12:49 PM
What a shame, a great leader that my kids and I will truly miss. The people in control with personal vendettas need to stop anyalyze and think clearly before they make decisions that will effect our children. The folks running this school district need not to forget that they are employed by the citizens of the school district.
Brian Johnson August 15, 2012 at 02:46 AM
Don't families have a say in this? If something so serious happened that a highly respected and much admired leader in the district felt it necessary to tender his resignation, should there not be more disclosure at some level? It is clear from the letter, that he did not have any other offer on the table. What are they going to tell the Silver Spring student body? The families of Silver Springs have not lost Mr. Snyder due to any egregious breach of duties, otherwise complaints or rumors would have been circulating. If a district wants someone they will do what they can to keep them on board. The cadres of lawyers will find any loophole they can; trust me...I am a reformed teacher. What appalls me is that while the district sinks its teeth into ridding of its so-called baggage, sitting pretty you will find other administrators who fudge data, forge documents, and attempt to apply fundraising (media, soup labels, or pop tops) in very iffy ways, yet no one bats an eye. Clearly, one's stature with colleagues, families, and the community mean very little. In selecting a new principal, you can be sure that the number one quality sought will be willingness to conform and be a "yes person”. Anyone who likes to truly lead by example need not apply.


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