Photo Gallery: Troy Baseball Boosters Celebrate 50 Years

Troy Baseball Boosters celebrate 50 seasons of community ball.

The Troy Baseball Boosters elebrate the organization's 50th year this summer. For more about the Boosters, .

Quotes From The Field

“There are no cuts in TBB.  Everyone plays. In a recent news story, I saw that a mother went on the attack because her son didn’t make a competitive travel team. That kind of drama just doesn’t happen in TBB.  The drama instead happens on the field, when the most unlikely kid makes the game-winning catch or a kid is celebrated for making their first hit of the season during the last game of the season.” — Anne Hoef, mother of Chris and Adam Hoef

“TBB supplies some of the most valuable of life's lessons. It provides a forum for kids of all baseball skill levels to get some athletic activity, while enjoying playing on a team with their friends (or making new friends).  We were fortunate to be involved in teams over the past 10 years or so that provided an atmosphere that was conducive to fair, competitive play.” — Paul Hoef, father of Chris and Adam Hoef 

“My son’s been playing in the league since he was about 6 or 7 years old. It is a wonderful organization that provides the children of Troy and their families the opportunity to enjoy and celebrate the sport of baseball.  It teaches the kids all of the great lessons of team sports … discipline, patience, teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility and camaraderie. 

We have always had a great experience on our TBB teams through the years and salute all of the men and women who have so graciously volunteered their time, talent and treasure to make it the great league it is!  Thanks!” — Mary Bester, mother of Nik

“I have coached for 12 years in this league and this year I decided to sponsor and manage a Bronco league team (Dick and Jane Baking Company). This year was a "’once in a lifetime opportunity’ to have my sons (one entering his sophomore year at Troy High School, the other a recent THS graduate) on the same team with me as coach. And even though we are 0-8 at this point in the season, we are still having fun.” — Dick Held, father of William and Hutch

“The special bond and camaraderie of father and son has meant the world to me over the years, and I miss that terribly, as neither of my sons is playing now. I miss the fellowship of our baseball friends, too.”— John Wagner, father of Jack and Jerry 


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