Sayonara Exams! It's (Almost) Time to Celebrate

See 5 tips for Northville students finishing finals Monday.

Credit: Patch file photo
Credit: Patch file photo
Friday was supposed to mark the end of exam week for Northville High School students. That's no longer the case since the entire district closed because of the severe cold.

Although finals won't be over until Monday, students can take Friday as an extra day to study and the weekend as a chance to relax before tackling those last exams. 

Exam week is a draining experience, so here are some tips on how to ease the stress and what to do with the new-found freedom:
  1. Don't continuously go over the exam questions, raising doubt in your or your friends' answers. 
  2. Instead of watching mindless TV, do something healthy. Play your favorite sport with friends, attempt something creative, or find a hobby or place to volunteer. 
  3. Become more cultured. Visit the theatre, art galleries, or museums.
  4. If the stress has really got you down, plan for some pampering. Go to a spa and try a massage or facial, or have a spa day at home. 
  5. Get together with the family and friends you couldn't spend time with because of your studying.
Everyone is different, so find what works for you. What do you enjoy doing? What relaxes you? If you're stuck, get some suggestions from family and friends.

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